Mom Approved: 2018 Toddler Gift Guide

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Christmas is right around the corner, as of today it is 2 weeks away. If you’re like my husband (who oversees the gifts this year) you haven’t started your gift buying just yet. It’s okay, I’ve got your back. My husband on the other hand is totally on his own. Thank sugar plums for Amazon Prime.

I went ahead and picked out the official Apparently A Mom approved gifts for this year and I did so with you in mind. I also based them off of my toddler so, if you don’t like them blame him. You’re welcome.

Keep those little hands busy

I don’t know if your kid has a weird obsession with something but mine has lots of weird little obsessions. One of them is water bottles. He absolutely loves to twist caps on and off of plastic water bottles.Now, I’m not the most environmentally conscious person but I do what I can. I don’t usually buy plastic water bottles. We all have our own reusable ones except for my toddler, he has a sippy. I have been joking all year that I’m getting this kid a pack of water for Christmas but seriously, why not? He will sit there and twist the cap on and off for a good 20 minutes if I let him. It’s got to be good for his motor skills and it keeps him entertained. My suggestion: a reusable water bottle that twists.  My kiddo will bite straws off of bottles and sippys so those aren’t options for us.This one is just a win all around, and much better for the planet.  If the water bottle isn’t your style, I get it. I won’t take offence. It is kind of an out there gift but I would suggest something that still plays to those skills and muscles.

Lets see who’s louder

Everyone in my home is loud. Its about time we have a competition to figure who is the loudest of them all. Get a bunch of these cute yet oddly creepy bugs and drop them on the floor, let the fun ensue. Its really a coin toss as to whether they will need therapy later or fall over laughing.Only time will tell, you don’t know unless you try.

Practical life skills

No one taught me how to clean properly so, I hate it and I am super bad at it. Especially having boys I want them to gain these basic life skills. Also, lets face it these gifts are kind of for me too, if they are helping then I win.

Really, I just want to be able to clean my home with way less difficulty than I have now. I’m either chasing the kiddos around or they are trying to play with my cleaning supplies. Solution? They get their own damn cleaning supplies.

I live on a farm

I should leave the farming to Old Macdonald but my little one is in love with animals. What toddler isn’t? One of his more recent obsessions is the Secret Life of Pets movie. At the height of his obsession we were watching this movie at least a couple times a day, thank you Netflix. With the second movie announced I know the obsession will continue. With my oldest it was Scooby and we ended up with quite a few Scooby related toys that he played with for years. So, why not have some fun with a movie or show they really enjoy?

Get messy and have fun!

You know I have to add some art and craft related ideas. How can I not? Don’t you see these beautiful masterpieces I have everywhere? Art is an excellent way to let your kiddos creativity soar. It is important at any age to allow those creative juices to flow. Creating is not only great for people’s mental health but it will also help those little hands and minds with their motor skills and learn some practical things while they play. If you need some tips on getting art supplies off of surfaces, I have a few. I mostly just cry though.  

When all else fails

Get them something that’s going to grab and keep their attention. Seriously, my kids always want my phone or to play with the game consoles,yes even the toddler. Why not get them something they can develop those technical skills on while play learning? Okay, you caught me. I mostly suggested this so you could take a breather.

What’s on your gift giving list this year? What are you asking Santa for? Let me know in the comments!

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