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Let me just preface this by saying that yes, I have a newborn and obviously, that comes with a lack of sleep but I was more inspired by the fact that I have hardly slept in two days (read: since I have now spent days trying to get this done it is more like 5 sleepless days).  I have a preschooler and a newborn that both refuse to stay asleep during the night for the past two nights.  Talk about things that people do not prepare you for before becoming a mother. We all know newborns don’t sleep but who knew that the 3-and-a-half-year-old wouldn’t either? Just me? That explains a lot.

Mamas deserve to be celebrated for all they do; to be appreciated. Because we all know some of you would not have made it through life as well as you did without your Mama.

Seriously take a moment to think about all the things a Mom does in a day. All those trivial things that go unnoticed or slip through the cracks. And for you Moms reading: take the minute to think about it too. What your days looks like in and out. Chances are there are a lot more things than you realized. I know when I sat down and thought about it I had to wonder how I do it all, how I fit an impossible amount in to a tiny 20-ish hour window every single day. My planner looks like a toddler has gotten a hold of it because it has so much crammed in.

To celebrate my lack of sleep and self-care (or Mother’s Day) here is a list of things Mothers will appreciate any day of the year:

  • To EAT- ENJOY without interruption, ingest ALL of the meal, and for it to be something TASTY she doesn’t have to cook or clean up after… preferably while downing a drink (or two).


  • Just being- Give her a damn minute to breathe. Maybe she would like to read that book she has been hearing about lately. You know, from her friends that somehow have it together enough to read things. In fact, why don’t you just give her a link to this blog.


  • To rest her poor aching bones- Send her on over for a massage she doesn’t have to pay for herself. That’s right; send her off to a professional to get all those kinks out of those poor tired muscles. Trust me, she needs it.


  • Some help- Send her to a shrink, she probably needs it. Just kidding! Give that Mama a free pass for the day. Help with cooking, cleaning, and child care. Does she have a hobby she doesn’t get much time to play around with? Tell her to take off for a few hours and enjoy that time doing the things she loves.


  • Spoil her rotten- The woman works her bum off; go get her something nice or shiny. Just some chocolate would probably do the trick though. Bonus points if it is a treat she normally would not bother getting for herself.


  • Spend time with her- She may tell you she wants alone time but chances are the best thing you can give her is you. Spend time with her and show her you love her. Especially you older ones out there that don’t text or call the poor ol’ girl. Mamas love their babies and there is nothing better than a sweet well-behaved child to love and hold. Yes, even when you’re a grown baby.


Let me know down below what you got your Mama for Mother’s Day or what you would like to Get for Mother’s Day one of these years.


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    For Mother’s Day this year my oldest was off at school so I spent Mamas Day with just my youngest son. He has special needs and is developmentally 7 so he couldn’t go get me anything but I had the best day ever with him! He ran in and gave me morning hugs saying ” happy mamas day mama!!!” Then I took him to breakfast and we spent the rest of the day curled up reading his books together and watching some Netflix together … It was an awesome day 🙂

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