Queen of all things parenting

Why are we so judgemental as Mothers? It is like pushing a kid out of your body makes you Queen-of-all-things-parenting. It is one thing to speak up out of genuine concern but to shove your opinion in someone else’s face- just because you did not do it that way- is ridiculous. If I have my kid not strapped in his car seat in a moving vehicle, please say something to me – I have clearly lost my mind. If you just do not like that I give my baby bottles, you can go walk into oncoming traffic, seriously.

I have been fairly lucky to not have people give me unwanted “advice” but many of my fellow Mothers are not so fortunate. I have also noticed it is quite the topic of concern for a lot of parents. With the rise of social media in our daily lives people tend to post quite a few pictures of their little ones. This becomes troublesome when someone viewing your pictures finds something they do not agree with. Say you innocently snap a picture of Junior eating some French fries and post it on Facebook, “LOL guys, we are noming on some cheezburgarz for lunch”. Well, I can guarantee you someone on your friend’s list is sitting behind a screen going on about how they would never let little Suzie eat such junk. How dare you feed your child such nonsense! Don’t you know they are going to drop dead at fifteen if they eat even one hamburger?

We all have an opinion on pretty much everything – just because you have an opinion does not mean you are all-knowing. Mothers online seem to not have a filter and cannot seem to figure out that not every child on the planet is theirs to parent. Whatever happened to women sticking together? Being a Mother is hard enough without having people jump on your back for every little thing. When did we get to a point that every suggestion is taken as an insult to our parenting? I should not have to question whether or not to tell the (hypothetical) mother that just posted a picture of her three-month old not properly strapped in to her car seat that, that is not a good idea. Giving someone advice out of genuine concern should not be met with animosity. When someone gives me advice I take it into consideration. What if that advice saves my child’s life one day?  I am not telling anyone to just blindly follow what someone tells them to do with their child, who knows where this person is getting their information. Also, just because this one thing worked for their child does not mean it will work for yours. Take what everyone tells you and store it away in your mind for future reference, use it as a starting point for research. Think for yourself and parent your way but do not dismiss the people who are giving you advice because they care – do not attack those people either, they mean well and who needs the bad karma? Not me, I get enough of it on my own.

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